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Sarkissian Photo Center – My Father & I

Sarkissian Photo Center – My Father & I

Series of 5 archival inkjet prints.

1 image 150×190 cm.

14 portrait photographs in various sizes. 


Sarkissian’s father has been a photographer in Damascus since the fifties. In 1979 he established the first photographic colour laboratory in Syria, named ‘Dream Color’. This shop is where Sarkissian grew up and earned his foundation in photography. 

Confronted by its almost unavoidable upcoming closure, Sarkissian photographed the centre -by now renamed ‘Sarkissian Photo Center’- in 2010, afraid to lose something he helped construct, and that constructed him. He also asked his father to take portraits of him as a last portrait session in the studio. These are shown together with black and white portraits of his father taken at different stages of his youth, found in his archive.